Daryl Anderson

After searching for the ideal GIS role across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK, South African Daryl Anderson found what he was looking for at GBS. Starting in January 2017, Daryl now calls NZ home.

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Becoming a GIS Developer wasn’t on Daryl’s original career plans, but the opportunity came up for him in 2009 after he had completed a large software development project. Another business unit had run into trouble with staff loss and there was literally no-one else, so Daryl was originally sent in to do damage control.

“My career can now be summed up in a three-letter word…GIS, or should that be GBS,” says Daryl.

A big change for Daryl is the more focused business model in NZ, which enables GBS to focus on custom GIS development. In South Africa, the majority of custom GIS software development is done by ESRI South Africa, who Daryl worked for, and the opportunities weren’t there for other GIS developers.

Daryl also found the culture in South Africa very different. “It was as ‘dog-eat- dog’ culture, especially amongst fellow developers.” This culture fostered working in isolation rather than in a team. Daryl has found the GBS culture is in extreme contrast.

“It’s very different work environment,” says Daryl. “The company culture is fabulous and I feel it motivates team members. What I like the most about working at GBS is the skill level and competency of the team members.”

Daryl has completed three Esri certifications – Enterprise Administration Associate, Enterprise Geodata Management Professional and Web Application Developer Associate.

“They do test the key aspects of your GIS skills necessary to perform effectively using Esri software,” says Daryl.

He believes that the areas covered by the certifications have practical uses and align his competency with what is expected from an engineer with Esri software experience. “I encourage everyone who is involved with Esri technology to walk the road to certification.”

Although it has been an adjustment for Daryl to live in NZ, he has found so many things different and better than South Africa – even the rain. For him the best thing has been the positive attitude of the Kiwis he’s met.

He is enjoying his role at GBS and the stream of ever different requirements that comes
with the projects he is working on.

“I’m looking forward to even more diverse challenges” says Daryl.

Personally, now that his residency visa has been granted, he’s looking forward to the future. “I can’t wait for my family in South Africa to join me here in this great country.”

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