Our Team

Meet our working team of GIS consultants. We can help you move towards the ideal outcome of enterprise-wide geospatial solutions. Our solutions give you the power and knowledge to excel at what you do, and our track record demonstrates our ability to get projects over the finish line on time and within budget.

Harley Prowse

Tony Elson

Shane Pienaar

Ardeshir Gheidian

Joanne Degen-Smith

David Aalbers

Heath Rongo

Yvette Fell

Michael Gin

Prathik Kumar

Sam Gergis

Meghan Sheehan

Mark Gladstone

Dhanushka Athukorala

Callan Rings

Mark Eiseman

Jade Weideman

Arun Sebastian

Richard Tanedo

Jorn Sijbertsma

Phil Donovan

Peter Tricker

Devona Naude