New Staff – Ruby Ngan

Ruby Ngan joins GBS as a Business Analyst/Project Manager.  An accomplished IT professional, Ruby has extensive experience from contracting to government, NGO’s, corporate and consulting environments across New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan and the USA.

Ruby’s focus as a Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager is to contribute to and manage projects.  In her experience, a clearly defined scope is the foundation of a successful project.  A vital and major part of all project work has involved actively gathering and analysing the business requirements. Followed by documenting them in the required artefacts i.e. Process Maps, Gap Analysis, Impact Analysis, Requirements Specification, Technical Specification etc.

Her core strength and value is understanding the customer, what they want, their issues and communicating those requirements for the effective delivery of the solution. She is passionate about solving business/client/user problems with technology, simplifying and reducing the complexity of projects, engaging with the business to define and improve the process for the project and ensuring client satisfaction.

Ruby is full of energy which she attributes to a good work/life balance and practising yoga regularly.

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