About Us

World-class location intelligence is what drives us

Most business data is linked to location in some way, which is why so many of your challenges can be answered with our cleverly applied location-based solutions.
If there’s a ‘where’, GBS has the way.

Respected and renowned geospatial experts

Founded in 2002 by independent GIS consultants Harley Prowse and Tony Elson, GBS is an established and privately-owned location intelligence company.

GBS is powered by high calibre geospatial solution architects, expert geospatial technical consultants and developers, and experienced project managers and business analysts.

GBS is the only Esri Certified Gold Partner in the Asia Pacific Region, having gained gold status in 2013. This means we are recognised experts when it comes to delivering tailored Esri geospatial solutions. Gold status also signifies that we deliver the highest quality GIS solutions to our Esri-based clients, ensuring best practice every time.

We’re great believers in the power of partnership. The more you involve us, the more we can do to build tailored GIS solutions that truly
contribute to your competitive advantage and operational efficiency. Our insistence on a close relationship comes from experience. We know
that a deep understanding of your business leads to the best-possible geospatial solutions.

Meet our professional team who deliver our world-class solutions

As an Esri Certified Gold Partner we’ve made a promise – the GBS team will deliver best practice, innovative GIS solutions that provide real-world benefits for your organisation.
Our team has an impeccable track record for delivering world-class enterprise and business-focused geospatial consulting services. We’ll help you move towards the ideal outcome of enterprise-wide geospatial solutions.

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Sean Kim

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