ArcGIS Online Supercharge Program

The GBS ArcGIS Online Supercharge program is all about working with your organisation to really get the most out of your ArcGIS Online subscriptions. We combine your organisational knowledge of business process with our knowledge of ArcGIS Online to identify opportunities for harnessing the power of location analytics to drive operational efficiency and business growth.

Whatever your needs, GBS has the knowledge and experience to develop a package that is right for you.

The Supercharge Program pricing is customised to your needs. Some examples of the types of activities that can be done via the GBS Supercharge program are:

  • Developing ArcGIS Online templates to create re-usable templates tailored to your business needs
  • Developing purpose built ArcGIS Online applications
  • Development of a custom landing pad using the ArcGIS Online API to help you distribute your mapping content internally or externally
  • Developing tablet / smartphone applications that leverage the power of ArcGIS Online
  • Assistance with setting up and running location analytics and sourcing specialist datasets to drive the analysis
  • Implementation of Portal for ArcGIS – the on-premise version of ArcGIS Online
  • Integrating ArcGIS Online and other systems