Transforming Asset Management with Trimble Unity and GBS

Transforming Asset Management with Trimble Unity and GBS

A Guide to Enhancing Your GIS Journey

Adopting an Asset Lifecycle Management approach is crucial for organisations aiming to maximise their asset value, optimise their operations and enhance data-driven decision-making. Trimble Unity Maintain (previously Cityworks AMS) and Trimble Unity Permit (previously Cityworks PLL), are leading GIS-centric solutions from Trimble, that stand out by integrating deeply with Esri’s ArcGIS platform, offering a comprehensive toolset for managing public assets, workflows, and business processes.

Trimble Unity (Maintain and Permit) is particularly well-suited for public and utility sectors where managing extensive infrastructure and assets is crucial. Here are some of the key industries and organisations that can benefit significantly from implementing Trimble Unity Maintain:

  • Local Governments: Local government agencies can leverage Trimble Unity for managing public assets like 3 waters, roads, bridges, parks, buildings and trees. It helps in streamlining operations, improving maintenance response times, and enhancing public service delivery.
  • Utilities: Utility companies, including electric, fibre, and gas services, find Trimble Unity Maintain especially beneficial. The system supports the management of linear, vertcial and networked assets, facilitating better maintenance schedules, compliance tracking, and service management.
  • Transportation Authorities: Agencies that manage roads, highways, and public transit systems (such as buses and rail services) can use Cityworks to manage their infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient transportation services.
  • Environmental Agencies: Organisations focused on environmental conservation and management can use Trimble Unity to monitor and maintain natural resources and public lands, managing everything from water bodies to public trails and parks.
  • Facilities Management: Entities that oversee large campuses or a series of properties, such as universities, hospitals, and corporate campuses, can use Trimble Unity to manage their facilities, ensuring that all assets are maintained efficiently and sustainably.

The GIS-centric approach to Trimble Unity makes it particularly effective for organisations that already use GIS data and place a high value on location and spatial analysis with respect to asset management (that’s all of you – right?). The system’s integration with Esri’s ArcGIS further enhances its utility for these sectors by allowing them to leverage their existing GIS investments fully.

Here’s why adopting Trimble Unity could be a revolutionary step in your GIS journey, and how partnering with GBS, an Esri gold partner, can amplify your success.

GIS-Centric Solutions

Trimble Unity is designed exclusively on the ArcGIS platform, providing a seamless integration that leverages your existing GIS data without the need for redundant data synchronisation. This integration ensures that both office staff and field crews have real-time access to the same authoritative data, enabling better communication, faster decision-making, and streamlined workflows.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Trimble Unity helps simplify and automate your operations. With tools to configure templates and inboxes, you can efficiently manage work orders, service requests, inspections, and more – all accessible anywhere, on any device. This flexibility significantly improves operational efficiency and reduces the time spent on managing routine tasks.

Improved Risk Management and Decision-Making

Through the combined power of Trimble Unity and ArcGIS, organisations can better identify and manage risks associated with their assets. Utilising dashboards, analytics, and visual maps, you gain a comprehensive view of your resources, which aids in making more informed and strategic decisions.

Public Engagement and Mobile Accessibility

Trimble Unity empowers not just your workforce but also your community. The public engagement tools integrated within Trimble Unity allow your customers to provide feedback, stay informed, and track the progress of public projects. Additionally, the mobile capabilities of Trimble Unity ensure that your field staff are equipped to interact directly with GIS assets, further enhancing data accuracy and operational responsiveness.

Why Partner with GBS?

Partnering with GBS provides additional benefits that enhance the implementation and utilisation of Trimble Unity:

  • Expertise and Experience: With deep knowledge in GIS solutions and a strong track record, GBS ensures your transition to Trimble Unity is smooth and tailored to your specific needs.
  • Tailored Solutions: Understanding that each organisation is unique, GBS offers tailored solutions that align with your business processes and objectives.
  • Ongoing Support and Training: GBS doesn’t just implement solutions; we ensure your team is well-trained and supported throughout your GIS journey, helping you maximise the return on your investment.

Adopting Trimble Unity and collaborating with GBS offers a transformative approach to asset management. By integrating these solutions into your operations, you’re not only enhancing your capabilities in asset and data management but also positioning your organisation for future growth and success. 

Ready to take the next step in your GIS journey? Contact the team at GBS to learn more about how we can assist you in harnessing the full potential of Trimble Unity and ArcGIS.

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