Insights from GBS at the 2024 RUCs

Insights from GBS at the 2024 RUCs

This year, GBS had the privilege of presenting at the Regional User Conferences, where we looked into significant advancements and future directions in geospatial technologies. As a longstanding Esri Gold Partner, we shared insights from the Esri Developers Summit and Partner Conference, focusing on crucial transitions like the shift from Web AppBuilder to Experience Builder and how these influence your GIS projects.

Key Transition Dates and What They Mean for You

One of our primary discussions centred on the critical dates for Esri’s Web AppBuilder support phase-out. For organisations using custom widgets or out-of-the-box Web AppBuilder with ArcGIS Enterprise, the coming changes mean planning for migration is urgent. We outlined a strategy to help you transition effectively, emphasising the enhanced capabilities and improved user experience offered by the Experience Builder.

Elevating GIS Operations with The GBS Support Programme

Our GBS Support Programme was another highlight, designed to optimise your GIS operations. We discussed how the programme supports digital transformation journeys, alleviates technical administration burdens, and maximises your GIS investment through managed services, advisory, and support tailored to your needs.

AI and Future Tech in GIS

The fusion of AI with GIS is setting a new standard for spatial analytics. We introduced attendees to the potential of AI assistants and GeoAI, which are making GIS tools smarter and more intuitive. These advancements are not just about enhancing functionality but also about transforming user interactions with GIS software, making them more efficient and insightful.

Building a Forward-Looking GIS Strategy

We also shared our perspective on forming a robust GIS strategy that anticipates future tech trends and aligns with your organisational goals. Whether it’s adopting new platforms like the ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework or integrating advanced AI capabilities, GBS is here to guide and support your journey.

As GIS technology evolves, GBS remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and expert guidance. The insights we shared at the RUCs are just a part of our continuous effort to keep our clients ahead of the curve. For more detailed insights and to learn how these developments can be applied to your projects, visit our website and stay tuned to our upcoming workshops and webinars.

Explore our powerpoint presentation here.

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