ArcGIS Online Services

ArcGIS Online ( is a rapidly advancing cloud-based system for creating and sharing maps and geographic information. It enables anyone to create, view and use intelligent maps. Users can also upload and style geographic data, create web maps, interact with maps on any device, and embed maps into websites and web-based applications. The system leverages Esri’s cloud infrastructure and allows users to store and manage their maps and geographic information, as well as make them readily available to a wider audience through open, scalable web technology.

Many existing Esri users in NZ already have access to ArcGIS Online for Organisations (via their ELA’s or subscription purchases). In addition, with the release of ArcGIS 10.2, hundreds of ArcGIS for Desktop users in NZ now have access to complimentary ArcGIS Online organizational subscriptions. How many are really using ArcGIS Online to its full potential?

The GBS ArcGIS Online Programs are designed to help organisations with ArcGIS Online from getting started to developing and producing custom applications that take full advantage of web and mobile GIS. To help businesses get the most from their ArcGIS Online subscriptions, GBS offers two ArcGIS Online programs – Jumpstart and Supercharge.



The GBS ArcGIS Online Jumpstart program is designed to ensure you are successful with the implementation and roll-out of your ArcGIS Online subscriptions.

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The GBS ArcGIS Online Supercharge program is all about working with your organisation to really get the most out of your ArcGIS Online subscriptions.

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We work closely with businesses and organisations to solve information management problems. Experience gained over the years has taught us to quickly recognise a potential solution, and also to identify obstacles to progress. We are independent free thinkers geared towards providing effective solutions to business needs, rather than selling products. We firmly believe that business requirements should drive the technology.

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Mobile development

GBS provides tailored solutions for mobile based in Esri.  This includes native apps using the Esri iOS and Android SDK’s and cross-platform apps using Xamarin and AppStudio. We have developed mobile applications that are currently in use for the capture, maintenance and condition surveying of parks (bio-security), services and electricity assets. We have also developed data transfer and synchronisation tools that allow data to be easily synchronised between the master database and the mobile device.

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Solution design & architecture

GBS has the expertise and experience to turn business requirements into innovative solutions. Our team works with businesses to gather and refine requirements and to design an elegant, modern and easy-to-use solution. We will ensure your solution architecture is best practice, so that it’s fast, scalable and future-proofed.

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Desktop development

Our development team enjoys building software that solves real business problems. For GIS desktop software we predominately work with Esri. For desktop development we work mostly in Microsoft C#.NET and Python, however we sometimes use VB.NET. If there are new methods and approaches available, we’ll use them to build better software.

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Web development

The internet has created massive opportunities for location-based solutions. We closely monitor how geography is being used on the web and in the industry, to make sure we’re using the best methods and technology available. Developing GIS systems for the web is now a large part of our development services. We work primarily with Esri’s enterprise utilising API’s (such as JavaScript/HTML5).