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Our job is to solve your geospatial challenges

We’re your geospatial partner through every step of the process. Our tailored Esri-based GIS services and products ensure your business can operate faster and more efficiently. We’ll assist you to get the most out of your Esri platform with a holistic review and support approach.

GBS Consulting Services

We provide a range of consulting services, from technical advice, solution architecture, business analysis to high-level geospatial infrastructure strategies.

Our goal is to help you improve your return on investment in the Esri platform.

GBS Products

Our release ready products enable you to get more out of the Esri platform.
– Waahi
– Automated Reporting Tool (ART)
– Cable Harvest Planning Solution (CHPS)
– Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online Jumpstart Programme
– Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online Supercharge Programme

GBS Support Services

Our support team is geared up to be at your service.

The GBS Service Level Agreement (SLA) is our basic operational support service. The SLA enables customers to access our team on-demand for business-as-usual GIS applications, and any custom GBS solutions.

The GBS Support Programme (GSP) is our strategic support service. The GSP enables customers to utilise our specialist consultants, in a planned and proactive manner, to deliver business objectives over time.

Do you want better insight from your GIS? We offer tailored GIS Consulting Services

Our tailored geospatial services help you to achieve your business goals. We work closely work with your organisation to solve information management problems and implement location intelligence solutions based on your needs.

As an Esri Certified Gold Partner, you can be assured our Esri professional team is world class.

Talk to us about our core offering or see below to learn more about the benefits of our GIS Consulting Services.

Geospatial Consultancy Services to scale your business


Geospatial Solution Design & Architecture

  • Identify fit-for-purpose and future proofed GIS solutions specifically for your business or sector.
  • Transform your business data with location intelligence solutions designed and implemented by an experienced geospatial team.
  • With an expert team of Esri professional geospatial consultants your GIS architecture will always be best practice and scalable.


See how GBS worked with Ravensdown to design HawkEye >>

Web-based GIS Mapping Services

  • Developing GIS web mapping solutions is an important part of our location intelligence services.
  • We work with Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise utilising APIs such as JavaScript/HTML5, .NET web services and Javascript frameworks like Angular, React and Dojo.


Learn more about our Web Mapping Services and Solutions >>

GIS Mobile Development

  • Tailored Esri GIS solutions for mobile.
  • Includes native apps using the Esri iOS, Android SDKs and .NET, and cross-platform apps using Xamarin and AppStudio.
  • Providing tools for GIS data management that allow data to be easily synchronised between master databases and mobile, offline and online.


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GIS Desktop Solutions

  • Desktop solutions in ArcPro using .NET and Python development.
  • Desktop solutions in ArcMap using .NET and Python development.
  • Working with your team to provide additional GIS analytical capabilities.
  • Efficiency tools or dedicated desktop solutions such as CHPS.


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GIS Strategy & Consulting

  • Strategic consulting and Esri technical advisory services.
  • Comprising specialist GIS Business Analysts and Project Managers, as well as Specialist Esri technicians, Data Scientists and GIS Analysts.
  • Providing ArcGIS Enterprise Upgrades and Implementations, and on-site placements to supplement and support your operational team.


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Access your organisation’s information and improve efficiency using our targeted Geospatial Products

Gain insight into your organisation’s business data by utilising our products. From targeted ArcGIS Desktop efficiency tools, to enterprise geospatial products, we offer a solution that works for you.


  • Waahi is our configurable web-based geospatial viewer and gallery where you can access, visualise and securely share your organisation’s data with ease.
  • An extensible web-based GIS solution integrated with the Esri Web AppBuilder framework.
  • Simplify accessing, querying and securely sharing of geospatial information.
  • A one-stop GIS solution.


See how Waahi can power your organisation
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Automated Reporting Tool (ART)

  • A web-based reporting solution with modern interfaces for report configuration and generation.
  • Generate a sophisticated Microsoft Word-based report that has been configured to collate multiple sources of information into one comprehensive output.
  • Applications include LIM processing, asset reporting, property-based reports and generic reporting.
  • Easily integrate your existing systems using APIs & leverage your ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • A quick and simple GIS efficiency tool for any organisation wishing to automate regular spatial reporting requirements.


Learn how ART can simplify your processing
View ART here >>


Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online JumpStart Programme

  • Suited to any organisation wanting to quickly get started with ArcGIS Online whether you are new to Esri or have your own existing Esri infrastructure.
  • Be trained in the best practice for Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online at the same time as setting up and configuring your organisational account.
  • Maximise your ROI by ensuring your Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online subscription is operational in a timely manner.


Learn more about Portal for ArcGIS JumpStart
ArcGIS Online Jumpstart Programme >>

Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online SuperCharge Programme

  • Get the most out of your Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online subscriptions.
  • Combine your organisational knowledge of business process with our knowledge of Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online to identify opportunities.
  • Develop Portal for ArcGIS / ArcGIS Online templates to create re-usable templates tailored to your business needs.


Learn more about Portal for ArcGIS Supercharge
ArcGIS Online Supercharge Programme >>


CHPS (Cable Harvest Planning Solution)

  • An ArcGIS Desktop forestry planning GIS tool to assist with steep terrain harvest planning.
  • Proven payload calculations for cable yarding
  • Fast and easy to use, with comprehensive reporting (maps, excel and PDF), online help and documentation
  • Reduce risk for forest managers and harvest contractors.


Check how CHPS can help with your harvest planning
Learn more here >>

Free GIS Resource and Tool: Transect Generator

This is an ArcGIS for Desktop tool that allows the user to easily generate random transects within a boundary, based on a number of configurable parameters.

The tool is designed to operate against any selected polygon/polygons in and ArcMap data view, and generates transects based on the following user input:

  • Transect Length (randomly within a minimum and maximum)
  • Transect Azimuth (each randomly/all randomly or all set within a minimum and maximum)
  • Transect Number (the number of transects to try and produce, per selected feature)
  • Transect Spacing (the minimum spacing between transects, unless overlapping is allowed

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