GIS Managed Services

Take advantage of our expertise to reduce your risks and lower your costs.

As part of the GBS Support Programme (GSP), GBS offers GIS Managed Services. We will act as your out-sourced GIS System Administrator, managing and reporting on the wellbeing of your GIS environment.

When you engage GBS to manage your Enterprise GIS System, you will:

  • Reduce downtime – Proactive analysis of the current state of the system and its host environment means that issues can be identified and addressed before they become problems.
  • Control costs – A fixed monthly fee means maintenance costs are known upfront.
  • Increase efficiency – Free your GIS staff to produce quality GIS products for your business. There’s no longer a need to have rare and expensive Enterprise GIS Administration skills in house.
  • Collect and use data – Weekly metrics and reports that can be used to build up a picture of your current GIS System use, and to plan for the future.

Have peace of mind that your system is being well maintained for
performance, reliability and security.

Download the GIS Managed Services Brochure