Custom Solutions for Business

GBS is an authority in applying enterprise geospatial solutions to your business.

What We Do

Most business data is linked in some way to location, which is why so many of your challenges can be answered with cleverly-applied location based solutions. If there’s a ‘where’, we have a way.

GBS provides innovative location-based solutions that are built around your specific business or organisational objectives. Our customised applications help you to meet compliance requirements, improve operational efficiency, solve problems, empower your people and grow. Think of us as the essential
bridge between data and insight.

The process

We’re great believers in the power of partnership. The more you involve us, the more we can do to build solutions that truly contribute to your competitive advantage and operational efficiency. Our insistence on a close relationship comes from experience.

We know that a deep understanding of your business leads to the best-possible outcome every time. Working with us can help you move towards the ideal outcome of enterprise-wide geospatial solutions. Our solutions give you
the power and knowledge to excel at what you do, and our track record demonstrates our ability to get projects over the finish line on time and within budget.

Competitive Advantage

The efficiencies that can be gained from using smarter location intelligence increase as location-based solutions are integrated into your entire organisation.

Understanding Your Business

The overlap between your world and ours provides the opportunity for integrated location-based solutions that meet your business requirements.

We use Agile SCRUM for our development projects to create an open and success-orientated environment. Projects are split into sprints. Each sprint is a short cycle of development that is focused on the highest priority deliverables. Every sprint ends with usable and testable deliverables. Successive sprints learn from the previous sprints.



Knowing which features are being worked on and being able to actually use
the software after each sprint helps to verify progress.

Business value

The most important things are delivered first, ensuring the highest return on


The iterative planning and feedback process ensures we can continuously align the delivered software to the business needs.


Delivering working, tested and deployable software incrementally delivers benefits early and significantly reduces project risk.


Founded in 2002, GBS has grown to become a substantial resource of highly professional GIS consultants, project managers and developers. We work across a broad range of sectors – local and central government, utilities, retailing,
forestry, agriculture and transport. In most cases, the relationships we form are on-going. Our clients turn to us repeatedly, to help them continue their march towards enterprise-wide GIS.

Project initiation

To ensure the best outcome, our proven methodology gets all projects off to the best start. We efficiently capture requirements, roles, risks, quality expectations, deliverables, costs, timeframes and communication pathways. We can provide more detail about our processes on request.

Next steps

If you need location-based intelligence to transform your business or organisation, we invite you to share your challenges with us. By listening to what you hope to achieve, now and in the future, we can come up with a number of options for you to consider. Call us on +64 9 570 3875