GBS opens in Wellington

GBS Opens in Wellington

GBS is pleased to announce that we have recently launched a Wellington-based presence, which commenced in March and is headed by GBS’ Senior Geospatial Consultant Manu King.

GBS has clients in Wellington and while building the business remotely from Auckland has had some success, Tony and Harley have decided that their Wellington clients need a consistent go-to person. With a view to creating a larger operation in Wellington in the near future, GBS hopes to continue to build new relationships and develop new business in the wider Wellington region.

“Central Government are heavy users of geospatial and are constantly requiring external support to maximise their existing and future geospatial investment. Having a Wellington presence means clients can meet with GBS daily if they need to,” says Manu.

GBS has been considering opening a Wellington office for some time, and it was just a matter of finding the right person. Furthermore, being the capital of New Zealand, Wellington has a lot going on with regards to geospatial activity, so it makes sense for GBS to be located there. As well as central government, a number of private sector companies base their head offices in the capital, meaning many of GBS’ existing – and potential partners, are located in Wellington.

For GBS, the addition of a Wellington presence doesn’t mean any large upheavals or inter-city moves. Initially, the bulk of client work will still be completed in Auckland, but developing trust and meaningful relationships requires face to face engagements – which is where Manu comes in.

As a born and bred Wellingtonian, Manu will be the face of GBS in Wellington. And while there isn’t a physical office yet, we all know Wellingtonians appreciate a good cup of coffee – which enables regular catchups in the interim. With over 30 years experience in GIS, Manu is agile enough to respond when clients need him – and having known GBS directors Tony Elson and Harley Prowse for several years, Manu was an easy and formidable choice to head up Wellington.

“For some clients, having a presence simply raises their awareness of who we are and what we do. There are potential clients based in Wellington who know us by name only – it’s a no-brainer to have a physical presence there, and one we have considered for a while. With Manu on board, the time is right,” explains Tony.

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