San Diego Esri User Conference 2019: Vlogs

San Diego Esri User Conference , 2019

The annual San Diego Esri User Conference took place this year from July 8th – 12th. In previous years we’ve blogged retrospectively about our key learnings and take-aways from the event, but this year we are keeping ahead of the curve with a series of ‘vlogs’ to discuss our experiences.

With both GBS directors present at this year’s gathering, watch below (or on the GBS YouTube Channel here) as we discuss our initial thoughts as well as some of the key messages discussed by Esri’s Jack Dangermond  (GIS as an intelligent nervous system) and guest speakers such as Jane Goodall and E.O Wilson (helping future generations protect earth through GIS). As we were filming these live, some of these snippets have a bit of wind-noise but it does get better – apologies in advance!


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