Top 20 Takeaways from the EPC & Dev Summit 2019

EPC & Dev Summit

After taking our largest team of staff to this year’s EPC & Dev Summit in Palm Springs, we have put together our top 20 talking points from the conferences. Listed below are new / upcoming features, improvements and releases that the GBS team are looking forward to from Esri.

  1. New named user types now in ArcGIS Online and coming to Portal at 10.7
  2. Improvements and new focus coming to Market Place. Can list ArcPro add ons, WAB widgets, services.
  3. Global spend on Utilities (network modernisation) over the next few years is tens of billions, eclipsed only by spend in AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction – 100’s of billions)– UNME will be big part of all of this, as will BIM.
  4. Enterprise 10.7 – important release for performance with shared instances. Plus more stuff can be managed via Portal (like Insights workbooks).
  5. Enterprise 10.7 – new capabilities – Notebook server, messaging server.
  6. ArcGIS Analytics for IoT – is a re-write of the ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server to cope with up to millions of events per second. It will be available on AGOL as a Service.
  7. The rise and rise of python. Python all through he platform and Python Notebooks.
  8. Tracker for ArcGIS
  9. ArcGIS Arcade – more capability, becoming pervasive through the platform.
  10. Lines and Polygons coming to Survey 123, in Beta now. Plus extensibility using QML and JavaScript.
  11. Web hooks – great integration options for the mobile tools (and elsewhere). Looks particularly useful for Survey 123
  12. ArcGIS Indoors – will be released soon. Great tech, not sure how much application it will have in Godzone though?
  13. Mobile – renewed focus on Windows versions due to customer demand, which means more stuff will be coming to Windows this year – starting with Explorer. Also, Esri will bring the releases of mobile tools on the different platforms closer together, and do more frequent releases. Traditionally iOS has been out well before Android and Windows.
  14. Quick Capture – New app coming this year. Allows users to design and deploy rapid data capture applications.
  15. Experience Builder for ArcGIS – something new, a fair bit of hype, not much info though. Billed as the next generation WAB.
  16. UNME – actually starting to be used now, still new, still massive. Will start to really impact on the Utilities market 2019 and beyond.
  17. ArcGIS Enterprise and Kubernetes – ArcGIS Enterprise will be available (timeframe is >2 years) as a distributable, saleable, componentised deployment via Kubernetes.
  18. Still plenty of discussion and interest in ArcGIS and Machine Learning and AI.
  19. New version of Collector (old one now called ‘Collector Classic’), plus desire by Esri to have all platform (iOS, Android, Windows) versions of Mobile Apps (Explorer, Collector, Tracker, Surevy123 etc) released at the same time (or much closer than they are now).
  20. Esri certification is changing – version-based certs are on the way out. To be replaced by core exams (Desktop and Enterprise) with Specialty exams (e.g. AGOL Admin and ArcGIS API for JavaScript) for knowledge related to focused topics.

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