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Talk to GBS about getting the most out of these 4 great components for a world-class web mapping solution.


GBS has the expertise and experience to craft a great ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS-based solution to meet your web mapping needs.

GBS offers a highly configurable and extensible web mapping solution called Waahi. It is based on core Esri COTS tools and compatible tailored and custom add-ons. Waahi is designed to be easy to deploy and maintain, with highly intuitive user workflows.

Waahi offer the following key benefits:

Internal or Public Can be configured for either internal or public use including the ability to control security at different levels
Flexible deployment LocalMaps can be deployed on premise, in cloud (public/private) or hybrid environments
Enterprise Integration Capabilities Connect your web mapping with associated information from other enterprise systems
Accessible on all devices

Being specifically designed to be responsive to different platforms our solutions can be accessed on any iOS, Android or Windows smart device (tablet, mobile), desktop or web browser.

Powered by WebApp Builder for ArcGIS Based upon Esri’s powerful WebApp Builder for ArcGIS technology, the solution allows you to easily deploy web mapping for any user, with the right data, tools and user experience to fit your needs, in line with Esri best practice.
Fully configurable Through the use of web-based administration tools it is designed to provide flexibility – eliminating the need for coding.
Extensible Additional capabilities can be easily added through the use of Web AppBuilder widgets & custom widgets.

The Waahi framework receives at least 2 major updates per year to introduce new and improved functionality, and to keep it aligned with Esri’s Web AppBuilder and core product releases

GBS has the knowledge and experience to craft a great solution to meet your needs

A range of highly functional widgets, configurable and extendable using Web AppBuilder and our supported Waahi Framework. Example widgets are:


  • The Interrogate Framework – Search, Identify, Select, Query, Spatial Query, Results
  • Advanced Draw and Measure
  • Advanced Print
  • Advanced Share
  • Advanced Reporting (ART – Automated Reporting Tool)
  • Integration with other key systems (e.g. Isolink)


  • Edit
  • Layers/Legend/Basemaps/Add Data
  • Find location/Coordinates
  • Application Switcher

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