Unity AMS: Transforming Asset Management and Works Management

Staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of asset management requires innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business processes. Trimble, the owner of Cityworks since 2019, has recently unveiled a game-changing product: Unity AMS (Asset Management System). 

This powerful tool represents a significant leap forward in Asset Management and Works Management, harnessing the core capabilities of the Cityworks AMS platform while introducing exciting new features.

What Is Unity AMS?

At its core, Unity AMS is three things:

  1. Cityworks AMS: Building on the robust foundation of Cityworks, Unity AMS leverages its asset management and works management capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive solution for businesses.
  2. Curated Industry-Specific Templates and Workflows: Unity AMS comes equipped with a curated set of industry-specific templates and workflows. Electric Distribution is the first sector to benefit from these tailored tools, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.
  3. Unity Mobile: Trimble’s Unity Mobile application, compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, is fully integrated with Cityworks. This mobile component empowers field crews and asset managers with real-time access to critical data, enhancing on-site decision-making and ensures workflow efficiency.

A Holistic Asset Lifecycle Management Platform

Unity AMS is part of Trimble’s asset lifecycle management platform. It’s purpose-built for asset owners, public infrastructure stewards, and their collaborators. This solution connects data and capabilities across all phases of collaboration, from initial planning and design to ongoing asset management and maintenance. Assets often serve their purpose for decades, and Unity AMS ensures they remain in optimal condition throughout their service life.

The Power of Esri ArcGIS Integration

One of Unity AMS’s standout features is its integration with Esri ArcGIS, serving as the system of record for your assets. This integration ensures a single source of truth for your asset data and related operational activities. By minimising handoffs and streamlining workflows between teams, Unity AMS helps reduce operational costs while maintaining data consistency, reliability, and transparency.

A Solution for All Industries

No matter your industry, if you’re seeking a proven, cost-effective, highly configurable, and GIS-centric Asset Management and Works Management solution, Unity AMS/Cityworks AMS is worth exploring. Whether you’re in utilities, public works, or any sector that relies on efficient asset management, this solution can transform the way you work.

Talk to GBS

We’re your trusted partner in implementing Unity AMS and Cityworks AMS. Our expertise in GIS-centric solutions ensures that your transition is smooth and tailored to your unique business needs. Connect with us to discuss how Unity AMS can elevate your Asset Management and Works Management processes.

Additionally, catch us at the NZ Esri User Conference from 25-27 September 2023 in Auckland. We look forward to meeting you in person and exploring how Unity AMS can revolutionise your Asset Management practices. See you there!

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