Waahi – The extensible web-based Map Viewer

GBS was proud to launch Waahi as a new product earlier this year.

Waahi is a ready-to-use extensible web-based map viewer. With rich design and themes, pre-configured processes and workflows, Waahi is an intuitive platform for accessing and visualising data, as well as sharing geospatial information.

Fully integrated with the Esri WebApp Builder, Waahi features a suite of ready-to-use widgets which can be configured using the WebApp Builder standard configuration tools. Waahi can be extended through configuration and customisation, and has a choice of on-premise, cloud-hosted or SaaS (with ArcGIS Online) deployments.

Waahi is enhanced through bi-annual product releases and more frequent ad-hoc releases, as required by customers. The formal bi-annual releases are timed to sequence after Esri platform releases so that you can be sure Waahi is always integrated and fully tested against the latest Esri platform.

As part of the implementation and configuration phase, GBS offers technical expertise and support, training and knowledge-transfer to aid your organisation getting up-to-speed and utilising the benefits of the framework as quickly as possible.

The Waahi solution offers the following:

    • A Viewer utilising the Esri Web AppBuilder framework.
      – Custom Web AppBuilder widgets adding enhanced functionality and capability.
      – Esri Web AppBuilder COTS widgets.
      – Custom Waahi Web AppBuilder theme with layout, branding and display settings
      easily customisable to suit your organisation’s preference.
    • A Gallery application integrated with your Organisation’s ArcGIS Online or Portal account enabling your users secure and authorised access to a variety of content (e.g. feature layers, basemaps, apps). The Gallery application has been customised from a COTS Esri Gallery app to incorporate your logo, brand, improve workflow and searching.
    • Supported across desktop, mobile and tablet.
    • Based on the ArcGIS API for Javascript and therefore tightly integrated with the ArcGIS platform.

Waahi continues to make strides as a one-stop geospatial solution for councils and utility companies across New Zealand and beyond. Contact us to learn more on how Waahi can help your business share, access, and visualise its geospatial information.

For local government in New Zealand, Waahi is being offered as a free framework excluding any costs for implementation, support and customisation. This is to ensure that there are competitive offerings in the NZ market within the Esri platform.

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