Office renovations

A new look for 2013

While everyone was hopefully relaxing over the holiday period, the offices at GBS have been a hive of activity.  Having shared premises with Visitor Solutions for the past 10 years we have now taken over the entire office space as our team continues to grow.

It has been a happy partnership between both companies, however, we have both grown substantially in the past few years and we were running out of space quickly.

To make the most of the space we now have and to future proof us for expected growth we have renovated.  We have moved our boardroom (and made it bigger) into the inner office area, removed a few offices and walls to create more light and usable space in our main workspace, repainted our lunchroom and made our reception area and front offices lighter and brighter.  It is still a work in progress in terms of furnishing the new spaces but a huge transformation for us and the team.

The main benefit is that we are now dust and clutter free and back on track for 2013 and beyond.

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