Welcome back – Arun Sebastian

Returning to GBS, Arun has re-joined the team as a Senior Developer/Consultant.  With over 10 years experience as a full stack GIS developer in open source technologies, he was quickly “Esri-fied” and has been successful in applying his knowledge and programming skills into Esri projects.  Throughout this time he been part of several projects in domains local governance, […]

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Top 20 Takeaways from the EPC & Dev Summit 2019

After taking our largest team of staff to this year’s EPC & Dev Summit in Palm Springs, we have put together our top 20 talking points from the conferences. Listed below are new / upcoming features, improvements and releases that the GBS team are looking forward to from Esri. New named user types now in […]

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Are I.T. / ICT Departments within Organisations Enablers?

Are IT/ICT (herein just IT) departments in organisations blockers or enablers? By Tony Elson I’m writing this piece because of an increasing frustration I have in dealing with IT departments embedded within organisations that are clearly not as enabling as they should/could be. And I know I’m not the only one. I understand why some […]

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