GBS, Local Maps and GISCO

Eagle Technology has started promoting Local Maps in NZ – it is a supported map viewer based on Esri’s Web AppBuilder and aimed at organisations who want to quickly implement a JavaScript/HTML5 map viewer. For ELA (Enterprise License Agreement) customers it is free (including implementation).  GBS fully supports this initiative and is playing an active role […]

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Key Points from 2016 Esri Partner Conference and Developer Summit

Tony, Harley and Shane attended the 2016 Esri Partner Conference and Developer Summit.  As per usual, this was a quality event and we had the opportunity to meet with and hear from key Esri staff.  This is an important opportunity for GBS to get an in depth look at the current Esri Platform, compare notes […]

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Getting what you need from GBS

To help ensure you can get your projects completed when you need and to avoid disappointment, we thought we’d explain a little about how we try to work so that you can maximise your chances of getting what you need from GBS. Fundamentally we sell our time (well the expertise of our very clever staff, […]

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