GBS Korea: Developing an International Business in Asia

GBS Korea has now been operational for a year. Over that time, we have faced some challenges and broken some new territory with GBSK now starting to get some solid traction. GBSK has completed some small projects and is now undertaking some larger projects as we build our expertise and credibility. Below are 5 key […]

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New Staff – Phil Donovan

GBS welcomes Phil – our new Spatial Data Scientist who trained in geography and GIScience at the University of Auckland and received his MSc (Geography) by modelling the impact of minimum parking requirements on urban development using cellular automata. Phil’s professional experience has principally been in the ‘social’ fields such as Public Health, Transport, Economics and has developed multiple […]

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New Staff – Jorn Sijbertsma

Welcome to Jorn who joined GBS in June 2019.  Jorn’s academic and international work experience across government departments makes him the ideal candidate to fulfill the role of Esri Technical Consultant for GBS. Jorn is passionate about making sustainable GIS processes and analyses with Python.  Consequently, his goal is to gain more knowledge in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) each […]

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