Tony Elson

One half of GBS’ owners and directors, Tony is one of the co-founders of GBS which started in 2002. Carrying on from his consultancy work back in the 1990’s, Tony was pretty hands-on when it came to technology, and also in terms of being very client/people facing. The latter part hasn’t changed but Tony’s days on the tech have long gone (as he says, “there’s better people to do that than me!”). Tony concentrates on business development (both here in NZ, but also internationally), governance and strategy. GBS is an SME, so the directors get to wear many hats. 

Tony is proud that GBS has built up a long-standing and loyal client base, and that GBS has built a high level of GIS capability and credibility, whilst always looking for new opportunities and ideas.  Tony can often be seen at a variety of conferences, and he’s built up a considerable network of contacts around the world. 

Outside of work, Tony loves the beach and is still getting out amongst the waves on his growing collection of surfboards.  A proud father of four daughters, and now with five grandsons (karma!), family and friends are an important part of his life.