Staff Spotlight: David Aalbers

David has been with us coming up to two years now.  He’s a quiet achiever who gets the job done – usually with the minimum of fuss.  David is also our resident Flex specialist, although I’m sure he would rather be not spending so much time in  Flex as he would in other environments.  Given that we only ever employ clever people, David is of course…clever.  He’s done a bit of Objective C (that’s iOS mobile development for those who only speak English), and of course JavaScript as well as  working with the highly functional ArcObjects suite of tools.  So David is both a client and a server type of guy.  Just the sort of person we like – as do our clients.  David will be working with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Portal in the very near future as some of our clients demands shift to these new services.

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