Getting what you need from GBS

_BIX1061_small group2To help ensure you can get your projects completed when you need and to avoid disappointment, we thought we’d explain a little about how we try to work so that you can maximise your chances of getting what you need from GBS.

Fundamentally we sell our time (well the expertise of our very clever staff, which is sold in units of time), so for GBS to be successful we aim to have as little downtime as possible.  To achieve this, good planning and quality project management is essential and we think we do that pretty well.

As such, when we are busy, there is very little capacity to take on new work on short notice.  It is always worth asking as you never know, but generally, we don’t have spare capacity for short term work as it is simply not efficient for our business, and certainly not conducive to keeping our current clients’ project work on track.

So how do you get your work done by GBS then?  The key is to discuss it with us as early as possible so we can take the project through our process of proposal, scoping and pricing.  We are unable to commit to dates and schedule work until it has been through this process and the project is approved. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, this could take a few days to a few months.  Hence the importance of starting this process as early as possible in your project plan.

A rule of thumb is that we are usually booked up 8-12 weeks in advance in terms of being able to get started on a new approved project.  We can sometimes squeeze is small projects, but generally new work will need to wait. However, we can usually get started on the scoping phase much sooner.

In short, the best way to get your projects scheduled and completed on time is to engage with us as early as you can and avoid leaving things until the last minute.  Please note that we are interested in projects of any size.  We are not just about big projects.  Big projects are great, but small projects are essential as they help keep the machine ticking over and we can often fit smaller projects in around larger projects.

_BIX1266_small groupRight now we are keen to talk to you about projects for the post June/July 2016 timeframe, so if you have stuff you are wanting to get done, don’t wait any longer, talk to us now and let’s get the ball rolling on your projects so we can get them scheduled in as soon as possible.


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