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Spatial Data Science – What is it? (part 1)

Spatial Data Science – What is it? What is data science, and what is a data scientist? Blog mini-series by Phil Donovan, GBS Spatial Data Scientist  Data science is a term that has burst into many of our lives, both in IT and everyday conversations over the last few years. It is a buzz word […]

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Spatial Data Science – A Mini Series

Spatial Data Science – What is it? Blog mini-series by Phil Donovan, GBS Spatial Data Scientist  GBS’ Phil Donovan has written a blog mini series defining Spatial Data Science. What is it, what is a data scientist, who uses data science and how is it applied in a geospatial sense? Click through to each part of […]

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NZ Esri User Conference 2019 feat: Vlogs

NZ Esri User Conference 2019 featuring Vlogs from the GBS team The NZ Esri User Conference 2019 (NZEUC) – the largest annual gathering of the NZ GIS community – is a must-attend event to hear first-hand about the strategic Esri direction and technical advances in GIS for 2020 and beyond. With the uptake of Cloud […]

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San Diego Esri User Conference 2019: Vlogs

San Diego Esri User Conference , 2019 The annual San Diego Esri User Conference took place this year from July 8th – 12th. In previous years we’ve blogged retrospectively about our key learnings and take-aways from the event, but this year we are keeping ahead of the curve with a series of ‘vlogs’ to discuss […]

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GBS Korea: Developing an International Business in Asia

GBS Korea has now been operational for a year. Over that time, we have faced some challenges and broken some new territory with GBSK now starting to get some solid traction. GBSK has completed some small projects and is now undertaking some larger projects as we build our expertise and credibility. Below are 5 key […]

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Welcome back – Arun Sebastian

Returning to GBS, Arun has re-joined the team as a Senior Developer/Consultant.  With over 10 years experience as a full stack GIS developer in open source technologies, he was quickly “Esri-fied” and has been successful in applying his knowledge and programming skills into Esri projects.  Throughout this time he been part of several projects in domains local governance, […]

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Top 20 Takeaways from the EPC & Dev Summit 2019

After taking our largest team of staff to this year’s EPC & Dev Summit in Palm Springs, we have put together our top 20 talking points from the conferences. Listed below are new / upcoming features, improvements and releases that the GBS team are looking forward to from Esri. New named user types now in […]

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Are I.T. / ICT Departments within Organisations Enablers?

Are IT/ICT (herein just IT) departments in organisations blockers or enablers? By Tony Elson I’m writing this piece because of an increasing frustration I have in dealing with IT departments embedded within organisations that are clearly not as enabling as they should/could be. And I know I’m not the only one. I understand why some […]

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Glenfern Sanctuary: GBS Adopt Two Rat Traps

GBS’ CTO and GIS Architect Shane Pienaar recently provided some pro bono Esri technical assistance to Glenfern Sanctuary on Great Barrier Island, Auckland. It’s a meaningful environmental project and a great use of the Esri technology. With a network of over 800 rat traps along 40kms of trap lines, Glenfern Sanctuary is responsible for the […]

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RUCs 2019: Tony’s Top 5

The NZ Regional User Conferences (RUCs) were held last month, and the GBS team were present (and presenting) at many locations throughout the country. Here, Tony outlines his top 5 take-aways / highlights from this year’s round. How well the RUCs were generally patronised. There were some great attendances nationally, including some of the regions […]

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